Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

As of all new cars from 2014 onwards, every vehicle should have some sort of direct or indirect tyre pressure monitoring system.

A direct tyre pressure monitoring system is when the sensor is mounted in each individual wheel directly onto the tubeless valves.

An indirect tyre pressure monitoring system would be where the sensors work with the cars ABS system and if a tyre pressure is low it will roll at a different speed to the other wheels.

There is so many variations with different car companies on how to reset your air pressure monitor, some cars reset once you start driving, some have to be manually reset through the menus on the radio or instrument cluster or some have buttons to reset in the glove box or beside the handbrake.

If you are unsure about how to reset your monitor pop in to our shop and we will assist you or there is an index in the very back of every owners manual. It is in alphabetical order, so you need need to search under the letter “T” and find tyre pressure monitor. Go to the page number beside TPMS in the index and it will tell you how to reset your monitor.

Batteries will fail in these sensors overtime and will need replacing, corrosion can cause the valve to break apart if they are not maintained.

NCT will fail your vehicle if your Air pressure light is highlighted on your dashboard cluster

In 2020, we are offering TPMS diagnostics such as battery checks in your monitors as well as programming new sensors cheaper than a main dealer saving you money.